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Dear, Roy/Keane
U ask me to provide screenshots, while before ban, instead of em, u started to record video (demo) above my gameplay, instead of making screenshots. I do have old one, and even from this server, but non of em is yours. If u live in Warsaw, I can invite u to my place for a cup of [email protected], and u'll watch my gameplay behind my back. Sure thing I will be secured by my staff, who will watch u not to make something violent. 

wait for your unban
u can pm me in TG: t.me/ez_start

INST: instagram.com/ez.ads

light surr - gl_monolights 1
crappy sur - gl_picmip 3


de_dust_2_2x20000.bmp de_dust_2_2x20001.bmp de_dust_2_2x20002.bmp de_dust20000.bmp de_dust20001.bmp de_dust20002.bmp de_dust20003.bmp de_dust20004.bmp

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Hi @funeral service please follow streps below to get unbanned asap

1. Create topic in that subforum https://multi-head.pl/forum/124-only-dd2/

2. Use template below:


3. In link please put direct weblink to download your screenshots which RoyKayne created in your pc, you can find them in your counter strike folder (default cstrike) they will be named as HalfLife00, HalfLife01, HalfLife02, HalfLife03, HalfLife04, (if you never got screenshots before) they will have extension as .tga, after you find them put them together in compressed folder such as .rar or .zip and upload to upload service such as zippyshare etc.

4. Wait until someone from unban team will check your screenshots, if everything will be sound then you will get unbanned.

Any questions feel free to shot me private message.

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Wątek został zamknięty przez moderatora forum.
Jeśli się z tym nie zgadzasz skontaktuj się z moderatorem lub administratorem, w celu ponownego otworzenia tematu.

Zespół Multi-Head.pl

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