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[ZAMKNIĘTY PlanBe - Chłopaki z sąsiedztwa

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[align=center]Zamów preorder "Fantasmagoria" na http://www.queshop.pl/fantasmagoriaPlanBe na fb: https://www.facebook.com/planbetl Lanek na fb: https://www.facebook.com/LNKBEATS QueQuality na fb: https://www.facebook.com/quequalitypl [/align]


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[align=center]Spontan numer, spontan klip, ogólnie sam spontan.[/align]


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[align=center]PlanBe na fb: https://www.facebook.com/planbetl[/align]


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[align=center]Avens na fb: https://www.facebook.com/Avensmusic[/align]


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[align=center]Title: Chłopaki z sąsiedztwa[/align]


[align=center]Artist: PlanBe[/align]


[align=center]Realizacja/mix wokali: Avens Music[/align]


[align=center]Video: Symer[/align]


[align=center]Lyrics: PlanBe[/align]



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