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Aktualizacja Team Speak 3 [3.10.0]

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Szanowni Państwo,

W dniu dzisiejszym serwer Team Speak 3 został pomyślnie zaktualizowany do najnowszej wersji 3.10.0.

Przepraszamy za niestandardową godzinę aktualizacji. Dodatkowo informuję, że niedługim czasie zaktualizowany zostanie również mBot na TS3.

Dla zainteresowanych Change Log:


## Server Release 3.10.0 6 November 2019

### Important
- TeamSpeak Client 3.3.0 or later is needed to connect to this and upcoming server

### Added
- New channel property `channel_unique_identifier` that contains a channel UID that 
  is unchanged by snapshot import/exports.
- New compressed snapshot format that is easier to use.
- New optional parameter `-keepfiles` for `serversnapshotdeploy` that doesn't delete 
  files of channels that exist in the snapshot and on the server.
- New optional parameter `password` to snapshot commands for specifying an optional 
  password to encrypt the snapshot. The password is always being omitted from the 
  log files.
- New command line parameter `hints_enabled`(defaults to `1`).
  When enabled, the server will send permission hints to clients, that allows clients
  to know, if certain actions are likely to succeeded or not.

### Changed
- New embedded default license is valid until the 1st of July 2020.
- Improved TeamSpeak Server performance, and reduced packet loss on very busy servers.
- Allocation of client IDs has been changed.
- Permission `i_ft_file_delete_power` is now required to overwrite a file.

### Fixed
- "Server Admin Token" has been renamed to "Server Admin Privilege Key" in the new 
  server window.
- Fixed a few potential crashes.
- Fixed database error when getting the same custom property assigned twice on MariaDB.
- Fixed `clientgetids` incorrectly returning `database empty result set` when more then 
  one client was connected with the queried `cluid`.


Z wyrazami szacunku,

Community Manager ds. Komunikacji Bene

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